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  • 2018 Weekend Road Trip to San Diego

    Monday, February 19, 2018   /   by Ryan Stein

    2018 Weekend Road Trip to San Diego


    Road trips can be a wonderful time. No matter if it’s just you, with some friends, or with the whole family, road trips always seem to teach something about yourself that you didn't know before. If you’re ready to start planning your text over-the-road journey, we have the perfect trip! This time, it should be going to none other than San Diego, California. Located off the pacific coast, San Diego promotes health, wealth, and happiness for all to enjoy. It is such a welcoming city. If you take a road trip here, you will be provided with a good time that will never be forgotten. Shoot, you might even move there. You’ll like it that much! Here, we are going to look at the best way to travel to San Diego, and what you should do once you get there. Time to fill up the good old gas tank and get rolling!

    Recommended vehicles

    One way to make a road trip extra special is by renting a car that’s not so similar to your own. Situations may vary here though, so let’s cover a few vehicles that would be ideal for road trips. If it is just you and a friend, you’re going to want to take the sports car. Feel the wind in your hair while the sun comforts you on your drive. If you have a few more people coming with, you will want to take a hatchback. This would be perfect for going to the beach and packing up a cooler and some towels. Now, if you have the whole family wanting to tag along, get the minivan going. The minivan is perfect for giving everyone enough space. You will thank yourself when you see everyone enjoying the ride without being squished and annoyed.

    Photo La Jolla.jpg

    Where to go

    Whenever you make a trip out to San Diego, it’s important  to plan where you want to go ahead of time. If it is only for the weekend, starting off in La Jolla is highly recommended. This is a gorgeous town that has many sights to behold. Since it is a seaside village, you can find yourself at the beach in an instant. Try walking the La Jolla path all the way to La Jolla Cove. Once you are done with checking out the sights, hop in your vehicle and head straight for the restaurants. Whichever one you choose should be amazing. La Jolla is known for having food that tastes just as good as the views it feeds your eyes. The hotels are also famous here, so this might be the first place you can stay the night in. I highly recommend this town if you are looking for a road trip date with your partner.


    Next up, you will want to hop in the car and head to Del Mar. This is where you will see some really cool horse racing but make sure you plan ahead and get a spot to sit because there is nothing quite like watching horses race right in front of you. If you keep your eyes peeled you might run into a famous actor. They are known to live here in this area. If you’d like to become neighbors, there are beautiful homes for sale in Del Mar. It’s probably a good idea to spend half of the day here. Once you finish, it's time to head to your next destination.



    Next up will be Pacific Beach! This youthful town will breathe inspiration and energy into your road trip. Which is much needed because you will be a little tired at this point. If it is mid day, you can take to the ocean and really dive in and maybe even surf a little with the locals. This is a great time to make friends because once that sun sets and dips below the water, the nightlife will begin. Pacific Beach really thrives at night with young adults taking to the bars and dancing the night away. If you get in with the locals, they can even introduce you to some really cool spots that you would’ve never found out about on your own. If you ended up bringing your family, don't worry! There are so many family friendly activities for the family to do around Pacific Beach. What many people admire about Pacific Beach is that it is really good at balancing attending to the youth while obtaining the calm atmosphere of a beachside town. Wrap the night up with a nice walk on the beach and gaze at some of the beautiful homes along the strand.


    Now that the weekend has come to a close, you can pack up the car with your friends and head back home. Sometimes it feels like a weekend is never enough but getting a taste of the good life is always nice. Just keep in mind that San Diego is always open to taking you in again, especially if you’d like to make it your new home! Here is to a fantastic road trip and great memories. Drive safe and have a blast!